In Minsk II to the European games will open 20 infoteck for tourists

In Minsk II to the European games will open 20 infoteck

2ND EUROPEAN GAMES in Minsk2ND EUROPEAN GAMES in Minsk about 20 information points will work for tourists. This was reported today by Elena PLIS, Director Of the information and tourist center "Minsk", at a meeting in the Minsk city Executive Committee.

Guests of the capital will be able to learn about the sights of the capital near sports facilities, places of residence, in the fan zones, as well as in the stationary pavilions for the sale of Souvenirs in the Upper city, the Trinity suburb, at the railway station, at the national airport Minsk.

If the plans come to life, a special section for tourists will appear in the mobile application dedicated to the upcoming sports event. It will contain all the necessary information about the competition, the tourist potential of the city, the work of transport.

2ND EUROPEAN GAMES will be held in Minsk from 21 to 30 June 2019. More than 4 thousand athletes will play 201 sets of medals. The Athletes will compete in 23 disciplines (15 sports). The event is expected about 18 000 participants, the competition is planned