Train "four capitals" through Minsk will start in September

Train "four capitals" through Minsk will start in September

Poyezd chetyrekh stolitsThe news that has been waiting since last year!

From September 28, a train from Kiev to Riga will start running through Minsk!

The train of the "four capitals" will be launched from September 28, 2018 on the route Kiev - Minsk - Vilnius - Riga. The plan of action was agreed last year in Lithuania, and it only reached this point.

It is planned that the price of tickets for a train should be half that of an airplane. For example, the price in the compartment is promised 59 euros / ticket for the whole site - from Kiev to Riga.

On the way, the train ticket is 15 hours with the passage of both borders.

At first, it should have been a "train of five capitals", including Tallinn, but then something went wrong :) It is possible that the train will nevertheless be extended to Tallinn.

In any case, for Belarusians - this is another convenient way to get to Vilnius to early departures, or simply to go to Riga or Kiev for the weekend.

We'll wait for the prices for these sites and go!